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Marching Band Poem - Thomas Jefferson Marching Colonials

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May 2nd, 2005

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08:22 am - Marching Band Poem
I wrote this poem for English about marching band. I happen to like it so please keep criticism to yourself unless it is constructive. Thank you.

This is it

There’s no turning back now

We have worked to get here and we cannot step down

Our triumphs have led us this far

We have worked together

Many bonds have been formed and friendships made

Bonds that may last a lifetime

Through all types of weather

On all types of terrain

Through wind, rain, and blazing sun

On Astroturf, on grass and mud made slick by players’ cleats

We have outplayed them all

They thought they came to see a football game, but what they got was much more

A performance

A musical masterpiece

Every note memorized

Every step remembered

Through key changes and time changes and tempo changes

At camp

The director

Yelling at that trumpet to get back in step

Or that saxophone for stepping off at the wrong time

The dances


Drum major bonding

The Switch

The talent show

American Pie

Ode to a Grecian Urn

Tears for the seniors who’ll be leaving next year

Being able to run the show through

And hearing the last note echo off the mountains in the distance

Set 17

Colorguard getting that ripple toss right

Playing through that impossible lick

Knowing you can do it

The first performance

And then the first competition

And then the grind

Cleaning the show


Set changes

Notes taken out or put in

Trying to fit together three practices a week

And homework

And now we’re here

And it’s our turn

I lead the band

Spinning the mace

Onto the field

In perfect form

I climb to the platform


They snap up as one

Ready to play

I salute the judges and begin the show

Trumpets blast

Drums thunder

Tubas roar

Flags spin

Flutes trill

Cymbals crash

Sabers flash

The audience stands and roars as I bow

But I don’t care

I’m just proud of my band

Our band

Now I’m leading them off the field

The drumline plays their cadence

And we chant cadences

We made up on the spot

We know we’re the best

We know we can’t be beat

We’re invincible

We go behind the stands for pictures

But though a picture is worth a thousand words

A picture could never capture the feeling we are experiencing now

Only one thing could ever do that


Our show

We gave it to the audience

But they could never feel what we’re feeling now

Not in a million years

Not ever

We go to the bus

To get out of our uniforms

And change into warmer clothes

All but me

And the drumline captain

And the guard captain

We go to sit in the stands

To watch other bands

To comment on their strengths and weaknesses

To tell jokes and laugh

To get food and hot chocolate from the concession stand

To ward off the bitter cold



It’s started to snow

It’s time for awards

I march on

With the drumline captain

And the guard captain

They award for A

Then AA

Then AAA

The suspense is killing me

They finally reach AAAA

Our class

Best Drumline goes to us

Best Guard goes to Chantilly

Best Woodwinds goes to Chantilly

Best Brass goes to us

Best Drum Major goes to us

I smile in pride as I salute and go to accept it

Best Visual Effects goes to Chantilly

We’re neck and neck now

Three awards each

They award third place

Then second

Then finally first

It’s us

We’ve done it

They award the Grand Champion award

Us again

We outplayed them all

We outperformed them all

We are the best

I lead the band out to the buses

They gather around me



“How are your feet?”


















-Taken from the journal of a Thomas Jefferson High School Drum Major

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Date:May 2nd, 2005 04:47 pm (UTC)
i have to agree with the above post. having done marching band for 3 of my 4 years at TJ (i started sophomore year), it is one of the things i miss the most. reading that poem definitely brought back a lot of memories, most of them good, the fun at band camp, american pie, all that great stuff, and some of it not quite as good, scrambling around at 10:30 the night before we left for NY calling people to come early, climbing into the bottom of a truck at 5 the next morning because the trailer broke down and we had to move all the gear out of it.

to all of you guys still at tj: cherish the moments you have in tjmc. all of them. when you go out there to perform, whether its a football game or a competition, play your heart out. leave it all out there, and make some great memories for yourself because before you know it, it'll all be over.

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